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Meredith Ellis BioMeredith A.B. Ellis is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Florida Atlantic University.¬† She holds a B.A. from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in English and Anthropology, an MA in English Language and Literature from the University of Rochester, an MA in Anthropology from Syracuse University, and a PhD in Anthropology from Syracuse University. ¬†Meredith specializes in bioarchaeology and has researched trauma and starvation in the faunal remains from the 19th century Donner Party Alder Creek campsite and China Gulch mining camp. For her doctoral research, Meredith examined the remains of the children buried at the Spring Street Presbyterian Church in order to understand what life was like for the children that did not survive into adulthood. Her work on the subadults from this collection examines how urban life affected the young, how the church’s radical ideology impacted family life, and how life history analysis can be done from the remains of children. Her research emphasizes a social bioarchaeology that takes an embodiment approach to understanding the intersection of biology and sociality. Her work thus far has also emphasized a highly contextual microhistorical approach.

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