Meredith A.B. Ellis – Assistant Director

Meredith A.B. Ellis, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Florida Atlantic University. Her research focuses historical bioarchaeology, social theory and bioarchaeology, and on the remains of children (subadults). Her research asks questions about how people lived in the past, and what their bodies can tell us about their daily lives and about life in a family and a community. She is interested in the intersection of the social and the biological, and how those two come together in the human skeletal system. Her research has focused on sites in the 19th century United States, including the subadults from the abolitionist Spring Street Presbyterian Church in New York City, and trauma and starvation processes from the Donner Party camp in California and from the China Gulch Chinese mining camp in Montana. She is currently working on a NAGPRA compliance project, as well as a project examining remains from the 1928 Hurricane in Belle Glade, Florida.

Meredith Ellis at FAU

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