The Spring Street Archaeology Project is a multi-disciplinary research project headquartered in the Physical Anthropology Laboratory at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. We are a group of faculty, students, and external researchers investigating the skeletal and artifact remains recovered from the Spring Street Presbyterian Church burial vault site in New York City during the winter of 2006-2007. Our goal is to understand what life was like in New York City during the early 19th century.

Shannon Novak Shannon A. Novak, PhD
Syracuse University
Project Director
Meredith A.B. Ellis, PhD
Assistant Director
Katherine E. Hicks
Syracuse University
Project Archaeologist

Collaborators, Skeletal Analysis

Cullen Black John Crandall Corie Van Doren
Anthony Faulkner Sarah Heins Eden Hill
Lauren Hosek Catherine LaVoy Jesse Morris
Heidi Murray Katie Myers Chase Philips
Andrew Pietruska Amanda Quinn Vanessa Reeves
Anushi Shah Sawyer Toby Brittany Jean Vesce
Alanna Warner William Werner Adrienne Whiting
Wesley Willoughby Crystal Young


Anthony Faulkner Dana Kollmann

Additional Images

Radiographs graciously provided by Oneida Medical Imagining Center and Dr. Ralph Stevens and Valerie Haley.