Alleyway Archaeology: Slow Spaces Betwixt and Between
A page dedicated to the collaborative display of art and archaeology, “Alleyway Archaeology: Slow Spaces Betwixt and Between,” organized for presentation at Theoretical Archaeology Group 2019, hosted by Syracuse University. Featuring the artwork of Cora Jane Glasser.

This photo gallery includes images from our research and the Spring Street artifact collection, and photos from the memorial events held in honor of the people of the Spring Street Presbyterian Church.

Our video collection currently includes the trailer for the documentary film being made on this site, entitled The Bones Speak.  It also includes the three eulogies given at the Memorial for the Spring Street Presbyterian Church on October 19th, 2014. The eulogies and this video can also be found on our blog.

Modern and historical maps of New York City, and details on the GIS component of our research.



The Spring Street Archaeology Project in an ongoing research project.

Please check back for updates.